Civil Society plays an increasingly important role in international human and social welfare. The most important prerequisite for the development of the NGO sector is a steady level of trust and engagement from society. This public trust and engagement is based the organization’s level of accountability.

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Young People Give Less According to New Report by Charities Aid Foundation

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The research shows that more than half of all donations to charities now come from the over-60s, compared with just over a third 30 years ago. And the over-60s are now more than twice as likely to give to charity as the under-30s.

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Young Scions of New York’s Wealthy are Making Their Mark in Philanthropy

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- Learning Early How to Give Article posted on New York Times by Alex Williams 18 July 2012 ALEX SOROS’S youth and lineage (and access to the family fortune) have helped make him an instant player in philanthropy. Other scions …

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75% Of Millennials Donated Money To Causes In 2011, Survey Shows

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According to the recent Millennial Impact Report, 75 percent of young people donated to causes last year and 63 percent said they gave their time to volunteer.

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More Than Half of Canadians Are Less Likely to Give to Charity Based on a Fear of Fraudsters

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A new survey commissioned by and Capital One Canada, as part of Fraud Awareness Month, found that across all generations and all donor methods, more than half of Canadians say
they’re less likely to give to charity based on a fear of fraudsters.

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The New Generation of Wealthy Indians Under 30 Are Stepping up as Active Philanthropists

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The Wall Street Journal reports today that young people from wealthy Indian families are stepping into active philanthropic roles at a much higher rate than under-30s elsewhere.

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