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Wealthy Individuals are Avoiding Tax by Giving to Charities That do Little Charitable Work, Says UK Prime Minister’s Spokesman

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Wealthy individuals are avoiding tax by giving to charities that do little charitable work, the Prime Minister’s spokesman said yesterday. The
statement comes in the face of mounting criticism of the proposed
cap on tax relief for large donations.

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Misplaced Giving Priorities Among America’s Wealthy Donors?

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The questions about the giving style of the wealthy come at a time when important social-service and advocacy organizations that serve low- and moderate-income people throughout the country are being forced either to reduce their programs or to shut their doors.

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Super Rich Giving More While Markets Perilous, According to Bankers at Reuters’ Wealth Management Summit

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“One of the things that people are very focused on these days is philanthropy. This is not new. But there is a raised awareness, with the difficulty around the world, (and people are asking) ‘How can we give back?’

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