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(UK) Thousands of Charities Join Vodafone’s Free Text Donation Service

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Thousands of charities have now registered for Vodafone’s online donation service JustGiving to allow the UK’s 50 million mobile phone users to give money to charity, free of charge, by text message.

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Vodafone and JustGiving Launch Free Text Donation Service

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The mobile phone provider Vodafone and the donation website JustGivinghave launched a new service that they say will enable all UK-registered charities to raise money through text donations for free.

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Small Charities Lose up to 20% of Mobiles Donations in ‘Excessive’ Operator Costs

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Mobile-phone companies have been criticised for charging fees to process charitable donations made via text message, an increasingly popular way of giving. Many people who give money using their mobile phones are unaware that some of the cash may end up going to the operators, with smaller charities complaining they can lose as much as 20% of a donation
via text message.

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