Civil Society plays an increasingly important role in international human and social welfare. The most important prerequisite for the development of the NGO sector is a steady level of trust and engagement from society. This public trust and engagement is based the organization’s level of accountability.

Charity Star is an independent nonprofit organization working to establish an international standard for NGO accountability. We believe in an open society where access to information is key in building trust and engagement.

Our work includes research and advocacy within the field of NGO governance.

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(UK) Public Trust in Charities is Unstable, Survey Shows

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The public’s trust in charities is second only in volatility to its trust in banks, according to new research by the consultancy nfpSynergy.

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64% of Russians do Not Trust Charities, According to New Report

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In a recent survey by the pollster VTsIOM, 10.1% of respondents said they made donations to charities, while 24.3% said they gave money to street people.

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Fairtrade is Most Widely Recognized Ethical Label Globally, Global Study Shows

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Fairtrade is the most widely recognized ethical label globally, according to a comprehensive global study of 17,000 consumers in 24 countries carried out for Fairtrade International by international opinion research consultancy GlobeScan.

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“The Trust Report” Completed and Available for Download

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“The Trust Report – the role of trust in civil society and how it affects public charity engagement” is now completed and available for download.

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New Charity Guidelines in China to Include Tighter Regulations on Donations

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(China) The Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) is soliciting public opinion on draft guidelines requiring charity organizations and governments to disclose detailed information on donations, the first regulation of its kind for charities.

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