Civil Society plays an increasingly important role in international human and social welfare. The most important prerequisite for the development of the NGO sector is a steady level of trust and engagement from society. This public trust and engagement is based the organization’s level of accountability.

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Charitable Group Offers “Concierge” Access to Stars

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Philanthropic group Charitybuzz, best known for online celebrity auctions, on Tuesday is launching an effort it calls “Do Good Dream Big,” which it describes as a sort of “celebrity concierge” service with access to the stars for the right price.

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People Take no Notice of Celebrities Who Promote Charity Messages, According to New Research

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Majority of poll respondents have never been prompted to support a cause by a famous person’s endorsement or have been put off by it according to new research.

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81 Billionaires are Now Committed to Giving at Least Half of Their Fortunes to Charity

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There are now 81 billionaires committed to giving at least half of their fortunes to charity, thanks to 12 new families and individuals who have signed on to Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffett’s “Giving Pledge.”

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Obamas Gave 22% of Their Income to Charity

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President Obama and his wife, Michelle, gave nearly 22 percent of their income to charity in 2011, according to tax returns made public today.

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Gates Attacks Outdated UN Food Agencies

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Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder turned philanthropist, has broken a taboo in the development community by publicly accusing UN agencies of allowing infighting and inefficiency to undermine the battle against hunger.

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