Civil Society plays an increasingly important role in international human and social welfare. The most important prerequisite for the development of the NGO sector is a steady level of trust and engagement from society. This public trust and engagement is based the organization’s level of accountability.

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Traditional Aid Structures Obsolete as More African Countries are Moving Towards Middle-Income Status

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Are the current models for development still viable? Will existing institutions remain fit for purpose given the rapid growth of African economies? And what alterations will there be in the ways the west sees Africa and Africa sees itself?

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Nigerian Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Criticized for Lacking…Transparency

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Publish What You Pay Nigeria, a non-governmental organization, NGO, has charged the Nigerian Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, NEITI, to institute greater transparency and accountability for revenues and payments from the extractive sector.

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Algeria’s New Media Law to Improve Freedom of Expression, a Makeup Job?

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The Algerian government has touted the media law, which went into effect on January 12, as a major step in the advancement of press freedom in the country, but local journalists and civil society activists believe it is still restrictive and are calling for its revision, news reports said.

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Economic Growth Has Made the Developing World Less Dependent on Aid – Poverty Matters Blog

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A new generation of leaders, business friendly policies, technology, the spread of peace, and strong demand for natural resources have helped Africa to withstand the global downturn.

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Charity President Says Aid Groups are Misleading the Public on Somalia

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The head of an international medical charity has called on aid agencies to stop presenting a misleading picture of the famine in Somalia and admit that helping the worst-affected people is almost impossible.

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